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How to Enhance Patient Care with Exceptional Customer Service

Healthcare customer service comes with a nuanced and unique set of challenges. It’s not the same as helping a customer decide what size shirt they should buy during an e-commerce transaction. In matters of health, having the utmost care, empathy, and privacy during sensitive conversations is critical, for both healthcare providers and patients alike.

The true heart of exceptional customer service in healthcare is that it’s meant to make lives easier when people need it the most. Whether in a patient’s most trying or celebratory times, healthcare customer service reps (Mods, in our case) can transform someone’s experience. A human-centered approach, paired with HIPAA compliance and discretion, is at the center of providing great service to patients. Here are some key elements to look for in a customer support partner for your healthcare company.

Experience with healthcare privacy regulations. Although the underlying skills of customer service are universal, we can all agree that pediatric patients require a different approach than dermatology patients. Consistent regulatory compliance and a full understanding of HIPAA laws are part of what sets ModSquad apart. Mods can assist patients with their questions and concerns by following strict security protocols, with minimal wait times.

Meeting your patients where they’re most comfortable. Partnering with an outsourced customer service provider like ModSquad that can manage exceptional customer support on any channel is a big deal for patients who may need more than just traditional phone support. Offering text, email, or chat support may help those with language or auditory difficulties, for example. ModSquad leverages omnichannel support capabilities to meet patients where they are, at any time of day or night. Our Mods leverage any support tool already in place so that we help fill the gap by scheduling appointments and serving as a vital information resource for patients.

Speaking the patient’s language. Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and respected, especially while receiving medical care. It’s imperative to offer customer support in languages other than English, too. Having full support for all patients, regardless of their native language, will help foster trust between the patient and provider.

The ability to offer that personalized, human touch. Treat your patients like they’re your number-one priority while they’re in your care. Customer service representatives who have a people-first mentality excel in service roles. They’re quick to solve problems on the fly, they’re personable, and above all, they’re helpful. This is especially true in healthcare customer service. Perhaps more than any other time, during a health crisis a patient needs the person on the other end of the phone to be helpful, kind, and supportive. It’s this unique combination of the Mods’ talent and knowledge — of more than just privacy regulations — that most benefits clients.

Make your customer support team an integral part of the practice. Going above and beyond for those who support your practice is what helps set mediocre healthcare apart from exceptional healthcare. Offering patients a way to reach out in a way that makes them feel comfortable can set doctors and practitioners apart from each other. ModSquad helps organizations ensure patient privacy while delivering exceptional patient service. To learn more, check out our resources.

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