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How to Address Supply Chain Issues

Like nearly every other industry, the sports equipment market is dealing with supply chain issues brought about by COVID-19. These shortages have left warehouses empty, line workers in limbo, and clients antsy. With ecommerce customers wondering what’s causing the holdup in shipping, we asked ModSquad Sales Manager Mark Poelker how companies should address this ongoing issue with their customers.

How many times a day do we hear the phrase “supply chain issues”?

We prepare for the inevitable: the delayed shipments, the canceled orders.

The worst part is the in-between, the not-knowing. 

When will my item arrive, if ever?  

Your retailer may be wondering the same thing because their manufacturers are silent. Manufacturers could be in the dark if their suppliers are cagey.  

The problem affects nearly every sector. The sports equipment industry is no exception.

Whether shoppers wanted a new baseball for the start of the season or the perfect set of custom clubs for JV golf, they’re mostly out of luck.

(Disclosure: I’m personally waiting for a particular driver that will add a few extra yards and save me a few strokes per round.)

Like my fellow sports enthusiasts, I’m hearing no answers.


No one wants to hear It’s delayed, It isn’t coming, or I don’t know. Retailers and manufacturers fear canceled orders. But there is more on the line than just orders — unhappy customers. No one likes being left in the dark or given the runaround.

How about some honest and transparent communication?

It’s time to fire up your support teams!

Reply to the calls and emails, the live chats and social posts. Throw away the current scripts and tell us what’s really going on. Keep the response times low (we’re getting impatient here). Keep the empathy high (now isn’t the time for apathetic agents).  

Sure, we might be disappointed that the special item won’t arrive in time for the big day. At least we won’t be frustrated by the not-knowing. We’ll appreciate the honesty. We’ll understand.

Personally, I’m ready to give a mulligan to the companies who are candid with me about their supply chain issues.

(I hope my golf buddies are equally generous to me until that driver arrives.)

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