@Herotopia: Where your super kid can become a #Superhero!

Working for Metaverse Mod Squad the past 7 years has given me the chance to work on so many different and unique projects. Seriously, we never get bored around here!

unnamed-1A few months back, I was introduced to one of our newest clients, Herotainment. With a swift google search I found that their site, Herotopia, is an award winning children’s game where kids create their own superheroes and travel around the virtual world, playing games and learning new things!

Since I have two young kids myself, I asked my darlings if they had heard about it, and they jumped up and down excitedly shouting, “Yes! We see the commercial on TV all the time!! You get to create a superhero and rescue Smighties!” Naturally, I was stoked that they were so excited about it.

unnamed-2One of the little joys in life that people do not talk about, is the time spent creating fun and bonding together with digital games for kids.  I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to explore this world with my children (and I have work to thank for it!).  My youngest and I sat down to create a superhero character together, and off we went on our very own Herotopian adventure!

One of the first things we did was head to the North Pole to rescue a Smighty, which are “The small but mightiest heroes in the universe.” They’ve been frozen by the Bully Bunch and tossed in the ocean. To rescue a Smighty, you need to select a fishing rod, a special grabber, and a pier to fish off of. The combination of these fishing items will determine the type of Smighty you rescue. There are so many different combinations and unique Smighties to collect! Each has their own character card and descriptions.

unnamedTogether, my children and I traveled around the Herotopia world, visiting different locations based on real cities. There are hidden fun facts and eco-friendly quests, fun games about history and geography, and lots of opportunity to customize and be creative in a safe, fun environment. The Hero News Network (the community news for Herotopia) is currently running a Design a Smighty Contest where kids can send in their own Smighty drawings for a chance to win a 12 month subscription to Herotopia AND have their Smighty added to the game (super cool, right?).

Aside from quests, mini-games, and exploration, your child can challenge other players in clever, strategic Smighty Trading Card matches (my son’s favorite part). Each Smighty has a special trading card with an element type, rarity, strength number, and Smighty number. Rare Smighties have higher strength numbers and are more powerful cards. All players start out with 10 cards, but members can purchase rare and Limited Edition packs in the Smighty Card Shop to better their decks.

We’ve had a blast playing this game together, and now that school is out, Herotopia is a great place for my son to play when it’s too hot to go outside. It’s a safe, contained environment — and unlike a lot of virtual worlds, there are limited canned chat phrases to use on the site, so I can trust he’ll be engaged in positive interactions.

Herotopia is educational, fun, and safe…What more could a parent want?! Definitely check out the Herotopia YouTube channel for gameplay videos, mission walkthroughs, and in-world updates. Also make sure you like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for additional updates, free in game codes, and informative parent articles about keeping kids safe in a digital world!!

Tera Tilden
Community & Project Manager

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