Essential Items for Remote Workers

As more workers around the world fulfill their work duties from a home office, they’re discovering what we’ve known for a long time: People can, in fact, be incredibly productive and are often happier working from home. As this study shows, 77% of people are more productive and 53% are less stressed when working at home. That’s why our motto is “Mods NOT Cubes”!

Having had a remote workforce since 2007, we’ve naturally learned some tricks of the work-from-home trade. (And, along the way, built an app that takes care of remote security). Setting up your remote workspace with the proper equipment is key to creating an energizing yet stress-free environment. We asked our Squad what items they can’t work without. Beyond the obvious (computer, desk, etc) these are the must-have items for anyone who works from home… 

Dry Erase Board
You can’t go wrong here. This whiteboard is so handy for daily and weekly updates, to keep track of meetings, and for out-of-the-norm tasks that need to be taken care of. (Suggested by Rebekah G.)

Indoor Plants
Did you know that plants can help you feel relaxed and calm? This in turn benefits your everyday mood. Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent. Add some greenery to your work space and start reaping the benefits. (Suggested by Jenny Y.)

Yoga Mat
More than likely, if you’re working at home you may be sitting at a desk more than you’d like to admit. Take a stretch break. Get your body moving to preserve good posture and help support brain function. Throw on a quick 20 minute yoga video from YouTube and get back to work feeling refreshed! (Suggested by Brittany F.)

Hand Warmers
Listen, no one’s judging you when you’re working in the comfort of your home. Keep it plush and keep those digits warm! (Suggested by Charlotte B.)

Mug Warmer
Most days, just one cup of coffee is not going to cut it. Keep your joe going all day long right at your desk with an affordable mug warmer. (Suggested by Brian F.)

Echo Show
Working from home can be a solitary activity for some. Why not talk to Alexa for all your updates on news, weather, appointments, and deliveries? If you want some background noise, you can listen to music or podcasts, depending on the requirements of your tasks. (Suggested by Shane B.)

Phone Stand and Organizer
A handy place to store your iPhone, you say? Plus room to keep your pens and pencils? And it’s shaped like an elephant? Well, sign us up! (Suggested by Rochelle H.)

Bluetooth Headset
A noise-canceling headset is a must-have to keep your conversations private and quiet. (Suggested by Amy K.)

Bluetooth Speaker
And if a headset isn’t your thing, a speaker lets you pace around your office while you’re on calls and still be heard! Get your body moving while getting work done; it’s amazing! (Suggested by Halsey B.)

Water Bottle with Time Marker
We. Forget. To. Drink. Water. Sometimes. Too. (Suggested by Ellen B.)

Note-Taking Tools
While taking notes with an app is great, writing things down helps you remember them. Take notes and save paper with a Boogie Board Writing Tablet or a Rocketbook. (Blackboard suggested by Lauren W.; Rocketbook suggested by Laura A.)

Ergonomic Rechargeable Mouse
With almost 15,000 reviews, just trust us on this one. (Suggested by Samantha W.)

Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest
Do you have a bad habit of resting your arms and hands on your hard desk? For a very modest price you can relieve some wrist pain and improve your hand and wrist posture. (Suggested by Caroline M.)

The best part about working from home is getting to do your work comfortably! Forget about heels or loafers. Keep those toes warm from here on out. Some of our favorite slippers include practical and affordable pairs for women and men, a set that’s a trendy splurge, and a geeky novelty pair. (Suggested by Rochelle H.)

Essential Oil Diffuser
Using essential oils can brighten your mood and help keep you feeling productive. On top of that, it will make your office smell amazing. (Suggested by Rebekah G.)

Multi-Tool Pen
It’s a ruler, ballpoint pen, touchscreen stylus, level, and a flat- and Phillips-head screwdriver all in one. Need we say more? (Suggested by David R.)

Cord Holders
Organized chaos might work for some, but if that’s not you, keep your desk organized and clutter-free with these cable clips to organize your unruly electrical cords. (Suggested by Elodie F.)

Add a few finishing touches to personalize your space — family pictures, kids’ drawings, holiday souvenirs. Surround yourself with items that help you focus, keep you comfortable, and organize your day. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home. (Because you are!)

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