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Earth Day: Investing in Our Planet

Here at ModSquad, we have a global workforce, yet we all live in the same place – on planet Earth. In celebration of Earth Day, we set out to discover what some Mods are doing to invest in our home world. Here’s how they’re working to ensure that our planet will be vibrant and full of life for generations to come.

“I regularly attend river cleanup days in my canoe. On Earth Day weekend, I’ll be out on the Snake River in Idaho, enjoying the beauty of Hells Canyon and keeping an eye out for anything that doesn’t belong in the landscape. Hopefully my canoe won’t have as much garbage as shown here, but I’ll be collecting and taking any trash I come across.”
— Hannah W.

“In our house, we try to keep electronics and lights off when not in use. We only wash full loads of clothes and dishes, and use paper plates and plastic utensils as much as possible so we’re washing fewer dishes. Our recycling service has been reduced due to COVID, and they only come once a month. So we use our firepit to burn boxes and cardboard. We also donate old clothes instead of trashing them. And we refill our bottled water and reuse glass jars and plastic tubs whenever we can (as candle jars, butter bowls, spaghetti jars, etc).”
— Samantha W.

“I use my e-bike as transportation to go pretty much everywhere – to work, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, etc.”
— Karina V.

“We have a tiny home garden in planters on our tiny deck, and we compost. When we travel, we always make it a point to visit national parks and donate to them. Visitor contributions help with preservation efforts!”
— Jamie H.

“We carry reusable straws with us everywhere, insist on sustainable packaging, and use our own shopping bags at the grocery store. We also just switched to nearly chemical-free cleaning methods and products. Small adjustments, we feel, can make a big difference.”
— Olivia L.

“I do a lot of home gardening with repurposed materials [below left].”
— Shelen H.

“Every year, we recycle old cereal boxes, turning them into notebooks and pencil boxes [above right].”
— Ann S.

“During the summer of 2020, I built a raised bed garden, where I now grow herbs, peppers, and more. It helps me relax, gives me an appreciation for nature and life, and it produces all-natural veggies. A raised bed garden is good for the environment and invites bees and wildlife into your habitat!”
— Ali D.

“We live as close to the land as possible and mentor others who want to venture into raising their own food. Currently we raise dairy goats, small pigs, and heritage chickens as part of our sustainable farming venture, along with hazelnuts, raspberries, haskap berries, and apples. We also have an unruly vegetable garden (which will not be planted by Earth Day, due to risk of frost).”
— Linda C.

“I’ve always loved gardens, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I started my own. I plant mostly pollinators for the local bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and I have a space dedicated to edible plants and flowers. My dream would be to one day grow most of my own food. For now, I enjoy fresh meals whenever I’m lucky enough to have seeds turn into plants. Here are my fairy-tale eggplants from last summer. They were as delicious as they were adorable.”
— Jenny Y.

“We generally plant our summer garden around Earth Day (it’s like summertime in April in Florida) and add some trees to our property. We also do a cleanup at one of our local beaches.”
— Danielle G.

Want to get involved? It’s super easy! 

  • Plant a tree or donate to related causes.
  • Join local efforts to remove trash from neighborhoods, parks, beaches, rivers, and lakes.
  • Use and reuse. From reusable bags to water bottles, there are many ways to reduce waste by repurposing items in your own home.
  • Hop online. The internet may use electricity, but it also saves trees. Use organizational calendar apps and shop and pay bills online. It all makes a difference!
  • Clean up. See trash on the street when you jog or walk your dog? Pick it up and dispose of it properly. It’s a simple act that goes a long way.

Learn more about how to join the Mods.

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