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Client Spotlight: Kalderos

ModSquad’s CX opens new doors for healthcare software company Kalderos.

Drug discounts in the U.S. healthcare system have proven problematic. Manufacturers, providers, and payers all face compliance challenges. Issues include incorrect payments and insufficient record-keeping. Kalderos’ platform is poised to disrupt and make a real difference. Their collaborative tool works with the entire healthcare system to make sure drug discount programs perform as intended. But as the fast growing company took on more clients, they recognized that they could use some additional support in delivering to clients the quality customer service they envisioned.

Michael Montgomery, Kalderos’ Application Support Manager, has seen the benefit of working with ModSquad. “It’s been great being able to partner with ModSquad for our support systems,” he says. “Any time you’re talking about technology and healthcare, there’s going to be a need for healthcare support.” 

But as this conversation shows, what Kalderos found in ModSquad was more than a company that provides great CX. They have a partner that’s invested in their success. A company with the insights and skills Kalderos needs to propel its platform.

Tell us about Kalderos.

Kalderos builds platform technology to improve the healthcare profession’s focus on patients. We concentrate on discount programs within the U.S. healthcare systems. We also streamline the technology to make them work smoother. We support providers, manufacturers, and payers to ensure the right discount to the right party on the right transaction.

How did you and your team decide that outsourcing customer support would be helpful?

It was just after I was brought in to launch our application support team. Previously, our account management team handled everything. We grew to a point where that team could no longer handle the dual function. We decided to outsource because we wanted to have flexibility in staffing. We wanted to rely on a trusted partner that could scale up staffing quickly if we needed it. And we wanted an established organization with a good reputation to help us build a strong support team. That was definitely ModSquad.

One of my favorite things has been that when we bring on new Mods, ModSquad provides the orientation. That’s great. We really feel like we’ve got a partner who is responsive to our needs. We had originally contracted for overnight and weekend support. But we noticed that that’s not where we need additional help. So we scaled back on that and are also scaling up our daytime coverage. It’s great that ModSquad is so flexible. That’s not something we would’ve had if we had done our own hiring. We would have hired an overnight team to start out with. Then we would no longer have needed those resources.

Tell us about the work ModSquad is doing for Kalderos.

Right now, the Mods provide phone, email, and chat support for our clients. The ModSquad team is currently supporting two different applications. They onboard new users and have been doing a great job coaching our customers through that process. They answer questions folks have about using the application. And they direct our customers to different resources available to them through Kalderos.

We do QA the Mods’ process. We make sure that the team is providing accurate information, following process, and following policy — overall quality adherence. I’ve been keeping track of it, and it just blows my mind that the overall average is 98% positive QA scores.

We’ve also seen high overall CSAT scores, above 80% consistently. The average handle time overall for tickets, from open to close, is 20 minutes. That’s amazing. Before we engaged with ModSquad, when account managers still handled tickets, our turnaround time was closer to two to three days. The fact that they’ve been able to get it down to 20 minutes is just mind-blowing. It also means that our users are able to get back to working with Kalderos’ tools sooner and, based on post-support surveys, with highly rated customer satisfaction. I’m more than thrilled to be working with ModSquad.

What other benefits have ModSquad’s integration with your team had on your business?

ModSquad also helped out with some outbound calls. It’s a great project where we just contact our healthcare clients to thank them for the work they’ve been doing over the past 18 months. We call them “happiness calls.”

In a one month period, in addition to the inbound volume that they handle, the Mods also placed more than 550 outbound calls to our clients. That translated into meetings with customer success managers, which translated to engagement with our application. That would not have happened without ModSquad. We’re happy to have the Mods do this, and they’ve done a great job. We’re looking at further expanding other opportunities with ModSquad moving forward.

Sounds like you’re pleased to be partnering with ModSquad.

The team from ModSquad has been so fun to work with. Both in our weekly check-in meetings and talking with everyone on Slack. We’ve gotten to know folks not just professionally — everyone at Kalderos feels like the Mods are part of our team. They’re not a third party in our mind, they’re a part of our family. And ModSquad has responded in kind. All of the Mods have been great about treating everyone here with the utmost professionalism and kindness.

Honestly, I’ve been so thrilled. ModSquad really is the team for us.

To find out more about how ModSquad helps global organizations with their customer support needs, contact us.

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