Client Spotlight: Jayex

London-based health care software company turns to ModSquad for stellar support.

When Jayex’s customers reach out for support, they’re calling from hospitals, physicians’ offices, and similar fast-paced environments. They don’t have time to wait for an answer. These callers are seeking assistance with Jayex’s cloud-based platform, which helps medical providers better engage with patients. The London-based company provides solutions in, among other services, patient access, queue management, appointment booking, and patient self-check-in.

We met with Jayex Operations Manager and Product Manager Matteo Marcolini, who shared with us what prompted him to augment Jayex’s customer support team, why they decided to partner with ModSquad, and why the last year has proven his choice to be a savvy one.

Tell us about Jayex.

Jayex has been around for almost 40 years. After starting with LED signage like stadium screens, airport boards, and exchange-rate boards, we got into the health care market, developing software to support the patient’s experience. From calling and display solutions to appointment booking, our tools streamline the patient journey. We develop the software, supply the hardware, and take care of the commissioning and configuring of it all. We offer support packages on all of the material that we supply.

How did you handle support requests before partnering with ModSquad?

The company always had a customer support team in London that received inbound calls and logged email requests into support tickets. Then whoever was available from that team would address the issue with the customer or return the call to the customer.

One of the biggest challenges is that the support team tends to have high turnover. After a couple of years, people either get promoted or tend to move on. I got tired of having to go through the process of hiring and training new individuals for the role. Losing a support member would mean rehiring, and sometimes you just don’t find a person right away. By the time you train them, you’ve lost a month and a half. In that time you’re backlogged with an insane amount of calls. So I looked into outsourcing the tasks of answering inbound calls and logging tickets.

Why did you select ModSquad?

We selected ModSquad because of its flexibility. My biggest challenge was that my team was already pushed and optimized as much as it could be. We had a budget to work with, and we structured a scenario with ModSquad where a couple of Mods would keep us at the same level of coverage. That, for me, was good, because as long as I could achieve the same result without the problem of high turnover and the additional costs brought about by recruitment, training, and downtime, it was a win-win.

Before, we probably lost around 20% of our calls, because our people were on the phone dealing with someone else. But that’s not a fixed number. Whenever a support team member left, between the time that person left and the time we had somebody else in place, for that month or so we were actually dropping down to 30%, 35% of the calls lost. That drop was one of my biggest problems. Now we cover 94% of the inbound calls. We hardly have to log a voicemail; I don’t think we’ve had one in a substantial amount of time. We now have a support team that we know we can rely on 24/7/365. We’re 100% happy with the service, which is great.

In addition to catching more incoming calls, have the Mods decreased their average handle time (AHT)?

Yes. Our internal team would always try to get to the bottom of the problem. But when I brought in the Mods, I wanted to try a completely different approach, to have them log the call and be available for the next one. Believe it or not, that extra minute and a half, two minutes that you spend directing a customer to an online resource is time when somebody else will try to get through and will be stuck waiting. Our customers want to get through to somebody as quickly as possible. That’s why I have the Mods focus on that. It proved to be the right choice.

What would you say to someone considering partnering with ModSquad?

I would definitely recommend ModSquad, absolutely, 100%. There’s an advantage and a cost-savings for our company because we don’t have to bring in someone to cover for staff on holidays or sick leave. You know that the Mods will be there, no matter what. It’s definitely worth it.

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