Celebrating 15 Amazing Years: ModSquad Parties Around the World

We’re not ones to pass up any opportunity to celebrate.

So as we hit our 15th anniversary, we knew we had to have the party to end all parties. And did we ever!

ModSquad rang in our big anniversary with celebrations all over the world, as well as in the virtual world. Join us as we bring you some snapshots and stories of all the fun.

Second Life

It wouldn’t be a ModSquad party without a groovy kickoff event in the metaverse. We went back to ModSquad’s roots, the online virtual landscape known as Second Life. We threw on some digital duds and let off some steam on the dance floor.


Next we head over to where it began IRL, in Sacramento, California. Mods from all over the Golden State met up, including a few long-time ModSquadders. Attendees partied throughout the day and well into the evening. Definitely a day to remember!


Deep in the heart of Texas, our team from the Austin area got together to commemorate the big event. Local Mods gathered ahead of time to deck out the office with bright and lively decorations, then enjoyed a hearty spread and shared favorite ModSquad stories from over the years.


Over in Northern Ireland, hanging with the ModSquad team was the place to be. Our UK Mods pulled out all the stops, coming together in a celebration filled with good food, good drink, and laughs. Lots and lots of laughs.

Costa Rica

Those in ModSquad’s newest location in San José, Costa Rica, partied in style. The fittingly tropical backdrop gave pura vida vibes to the celebration. It was a great way for local Mods to enhance their work relationships and create new ModSquad memories.

Crafty Contributors

The celebrations weren’t limited to these in-person parties. Always a creative bunch, Mods from all over contributed their celebratory works of art to our crafting contest. Check out the inventive ways our squad showed off their ModSquad pride!

The celebration got some added sparkle from those who joined in virtually — on social media and our internal chat channels. We had a blast both hanging with colleagues in person and seeing people from around the world have their own fun time. We’ll have to do it again in five years! Until then, we are the Mods!

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Posted on September 1, 2022

I hope that lithograph makes it into the Extra Life silent auction.

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