CASE STUDY: VSCO Delivers Picture-Perfect CX With Help From ModSquad

For those unfamiliar with VSCO, it’s a photo and video editing app combined with a social network. It’s surrounded by a vibrant and engaged community of 25 million creators.

It’s pretty cool.

For VSCO, ensuring great experiences means delivering top notch support for their product, moderating all images and videos, and interacting with their community on social media and Discord.

At first, they turned to a traditional outsourcer for help. They found themselves locked into a pricey contract and getting poor results. The help was inefficient and low quality. 

Fortunately, they called us. We were able to save them money and increase the quality of CX.

The results? Kyle Hale, VSCO’s Senior Manager of Customer and Community Success put it this way: 

“This level of quality at the cost we were paying… I’ve worked in support for over 10 years, and I was really impressed that those two things could live in the same space. It’s just not something you hear about.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Kyle. 

How did we do it? It’s no secret. You can read about it in our VSCO case study.  

If, like VSCO, you’re looking for CX services that save you money and actually improve quality, give us a call

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