At ModSquad, New-Hire Orientation Can Be Fun and Games

As Director of Services and Support, Gina Miller works closely with ModSquad’s People Operations group to ensure a smooth transition for new Mods. She reveals how a recent initiative has helped take orientation sessions to the next level.

“Is that your final answer?”

“I can name that tune in five notes!”

“Survey says…”

Chances are you’ve heard of most, if not all of these catchphrases. That’s because they come from game shows that are a longtime staple of popular culture. And for good reason — who doesn’t like to show off their knowledge or skills for a chance to win prizes? With game shows enjoying a resurgence, we at ModSquad (never ones to miss current pop trends) decided to get in on the action.

Everyone who joins the company goes through our ModSquad 101 orientation. This is where we introduce our newcomers to all things ModSquad and get them set up and prepared to provide services to ModSquad’s awesome clients. Now, we’ve all sat through boring orientations or meetings where people are yawning, doodling, or nodding off. As The Office’s Michael Scott once brilliantly stated, “This is an orientation, not a borientation!” That’s why we decided to take a cue from game shows and “gamify” our orientation.

gam·i·fi·ca·tion (noun) /ˌɡāmifəˈkāSHən/
1. The addition of game-playing elements (such as point scoring, competitive aspects, and rules) to normally non-competitive activities in order to foster greater levels of engagement with the task at hand.

We channeled our inner game-show hosts and developed fun quizzes, games, and contests as a way to review orientation material in a unique and unexpected way. The result has been a series of lively sessions that have been met with great words of praise from participants, as demonstrated in the feedback we’ve received:

Q: What was your favorite part of orientation?
A: The fact that it wasn’t a bore-ientation. It pretty much made my day.

Since most of us work remotely, we have the unique challenge of incorporating the fun into online orientation sessions. Taking a cue from our virtual gaming activities in Extra Life, we turned to online game services to add a fun and easy interactive element to our sessions. They’ve been a hit with participants, helping new Mods kick things off in a rousing, entertaining way, as evidenced by their feedback:

“The positive energy and enthusiasm were amazing! It was possibly the best introduction to a workplace I’ve ever had. This just made me more excited to join the team.” — Kevin I.

“It was an amazing space. I felt confident and happy to be there. I loved the way things were presented to us, and I liked the games a lot.” — Anonymous

“I really liked the orientation. It was fun, and the energy there was unmatched. Playing games with the other Mods was cool and engaging!” — Anonymous

New elements have been added to the proceedings, including a Spin the Wheel feature. First, participants earn spaces on the wheel by winning contests. Then, “it’s time to spin the wheel,” to borrow another popular game show catchphrase. Random winners may receive a gift card or cash prize, much to their delight. It’s amazing to see how a little friendly competition, prizes, and some bragging rights really livens up a session. As long as we keep the competition below Hunger Games levels, we feel like we’ve got a good thing going here.

Sure, we may not have Alec Baldwin or Michael Strahan hosting our orientation sessions, and our prizes may not match that of The $100,000 Pyramid, but our facilitators are engaging and enthusiastic, and their deep love of ModSquad is contagious! Gamification has certainly proven to be a great way to engage new Mods, and it helps them retain the important information that’s covered. We think Michael Scott would approve.

Want to take part in one of our Mod orientation sessions? This can all be yours if you’re one of the lucky ones chosen to join the Mods!

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Posted on September 28, 2021

Orientations are simply fantastic! Bravo, guys! 👏🏼👏🏼

Posted on September 28, 2021

Our orientations are never boring – thanks to my fantastic team of facilitators – Andy C, Jodi C, and Robert B! Go team!

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