3 Ways To Improve Your Sales Via Social Media

Social media and digital sales go together like PB&J. They complement each other, and they drive great product awareness. In one fell swoop, you can establish a real connection with your audience and showcase your products in a more meaningful way. You also have access to a plethora of audience data, which can help you tailor and personalize your offerings to your most coveted demographics. While social media advertising has its place as a way to sell, there are other ways to diversify your brand and get more engagement. The way you maintain your social media, the opportunities you give to audiences to interact with your brand and learn more, and your level of activity on the platform can help you drive sales faster. Here are ways to go about improving your sales.

Offer 24/7 customer support. Today’s buyers are not just interested in the product itself but also the experience of buying. The level of customer support you offer through social media can go a long way toward building loyalty and engaging audiences. Your customers deserve great support, and offering it through social media can help you seem more innovative while offering a convenient method for customers to solve their issues. This is especially salient during key moments such as product launches, holidays, and marketing events.

Having 24/7 support available makes your brand seem more dynamic and incentivizes your customers to keep coming back for more, because they know you’ll be right there if they experience an issue. We’ve seen the difference a high-touch customer support approach can make for a brand and its impact on engagement. Our services within this realm are scalable to both large and small businesses and can help manage peak times with ease and efficiency. 

Build a community. Social influence makes a difference in purchasing decisions, and that influence spreads in a multitude of ways. Part of social influence lies in product reviews and seeing the experience of others. If you can create a sense of community among reviewers and other users of your product or service, you can increase product sales. Whether it’s engaging in discussions about how to use the products, user experiences, or asking customers what they would like to see, it’s all about engaging with your followers in a meaningful way.

Building a community around your products can not only reinforce the buying decision for new buyers, it also creates a sense of loyalty among existing customers. Make your product the center of conversation and help customers connect with each other based on that commonality. It might sound difficult on the outset, but it need not be. Our team’s expertise lies in building and implementing online communities. It’s all about keeping users engaged through a variety of ways: interesting content, advocating for the brand, and identifying key users and influencers that can help propel the brand even further. It’s about making each engagement count, on a human level. 

Moderate often. The driving force behind increasing sales is two-fold: It’s about creating the conversation and maintaining it. Unfortunately, the internet and social media can have an ugly side. While most of the time, discussions will be great and your users will feel interested and engaged, there are times when the conversation can devolve. Ample moderation can help keep this at bay and ensure your customers feel safe and secure. Buyers are more discerning than ever, and seeing a brand that is engaged and steers the conversation away from ugliness can go a long way in their purchasing decision.

As customers do their research about your brand prior to buying, put your best foot forward and invite them to keep coming back. Having experienced, engaged moderators within social media can help boost engagement while ensuring that complaints are dealt with effectively, efficiently, and without causing any unnecessary tension.

With a careful strategy and some creativity, not all of your social media sales need to be from advertising. Creating an omnichannel experience that is designed with key customer touchpoints in mind can boost sales and keep your current customers happy and engaged. Using these tools to create a wider experience that’s about community helps your brand seem more human to new and old customers alike and can go a long way in building a meaningful customer relationship.

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